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2008 CoMSEF Election

It's time for the election of Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and 2 Liaison Directors for the CoMSEF executive committee. This election will fill the positions of Vice Chair Clare McCabe (who will become chair), Secretary/Treasurer Joe Golab, and Liaison Directors Perla Balbuena and Roland Faller who have completed their terms.

In order to vote, you'll have to be logged in to your account. Login in on the left hand side of the page or via this link:

If you don't know your username and/or password, click on the "Request new password" link ( ) and enter your email address or username to receive a password by email.

The ballot will be open for voting for three weeks, and voting will close at 23:59 EST on October 23. The results of the election will be announced during the AIChE annual meeting in Philadelphia in November.

If you have any trouble logging in or voting, contact (click the ... to access the full email address) for help.

Please vote for: