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CoMSEF is a forum for the combined community of engineers and scientists who are developing and applying molecularly based theories, modeling, and simulation. Its scope of technical interests includes chemical, biological, and materials processes and products. A key feature is joining molecularly based modeling with the other computational methodologies that are used in the chemical engineering sciences for research, development, operations, and education.

  • Provide a forum for communication and networking among those with an interest in the computational molecular sciences and engineering.

  • Coordinate, sponsor, co-sponsor, and advertise relevant programming, including cross-cutting and special-initiative technical sessions and conferences.

  • Promote interchange of ideas, concepts, know-how, and experiences in the computational molecular sciences and engineering, including their connections with experiment.

  • Encourage educators at all levels, particularly in chemical engineering, to integrate concepts of computational molecular sciences and engineering.

  • Advocate curricula that prepare students for career use of computational methods.

  • Promote lifetime learning through workshops and short courses.

  • Provide centralized links to technical publications, computer programs, and databases related to the computational molecular sciences and engineering.