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Join CoMSEF!

Membership in CoMSEF is only $10!  As a CoMSEF member you will receive a copy of our semi-annual newsletter, which highlights CoMSEF activities, opportunities, and recent papers in the literature, and periodic email postings about job openings and upcoming conferences of interest to the CoMSEF community.  Additionally, as a CoMSEF member you can be nominated  (if eligible) for one of the CoMSEF awards.  Membership in AIChE is not a requirement to join CoMSEF; however, if you're not a member, you might consider joining if you are interested in being an officer of CoMSEF.

If you are already a member of AIChE, to join CoMSEF simply tick the CoMSEF box on your AIChE dues notice (online or paper). Alternatively, you can join at any time online at the following link: join.  If you are not a member of AIChE, you can call AIChE customer service and they will take your request to join the division and bill you ($10 for CoMSEF). You can reach AIChE customer service at: 800-242-4363.