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2010 CoMSEF Early Career Award

The CoMSEF Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Professor David Sholl of Georgia Tech University has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 COMSEF Early Career Award. This annual award recognizes outstanding research in computational molecular science and engineering and will be given to David during the CoMSEF annual General Meeting. David is the Michael E. Tennenbaum Family Chair and GRA Eminent Scholar in Energy Sustainability in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech. He has held this position since January 2008 and was previously on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University for 10 years. He received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the Australian National University and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado. David's research uses computational materials modeling to accelerate the development of new materials for energy-related applications, including generation and storage of gaseous and liquid fuels and carbon dioxide mitigation. David is a Senior Editor of Langmuir and is an Associate Director of the Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute. David is receiving the CoMSEF Early Career Award for his contributions to the understanding of the thermodynamics and transport properties of hydrogen in solids and of fluids confined in nanoporous materials. CoMSEF Early Career Award recipients must be within 15 years of completion of their highest degree and be current members of CoMSEF.




CoMSEF President Clare McCabe presents the Early Career Award to David Sholl