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Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson is currently Team Lead for Computational Chemistry at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. He received B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Purdue, a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (with Prof. K.E. Gubbins) from Cornell, and performed Post-Doctoral research in the Chemical Crystallography Laboratory at Oxford. He has 20 years of experience in the development and application of computer-based methods of chemistry, physics, and engineering. Recent work has included the prediction of dielectric and mechanical properties of thin films and the development of methods for studying the binding of small molecules to proteins. Other emphases have included quantum-chemical studies of structure, energetics, and reaction pathways, the application of percolation theory to the structure and behavior of solids, and the application of classical simulation methods to phase equilibria, adsorption, diffusion, and surfaces. Brian is a member of AIChE, ACS, and MRS.