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Meeting Minutes for November 2008

The Annual CoMSEF meeting was held on Wednesday, 19-Nov during the 2008 Fall AIChE meeting.

I. Reports

A. Election results: Randy Snurr (link: .ppt, 53 KB)

B. Sessions reports for 2008 (link: .ppt, 19 KB) & 2009 (link: .xls, 33 KB): Clare McCabe

C. Session report for Spring 2008: Randy Snurr for Bill Schneider (link: .ppt, 52 KB)

D. CoMSEF graduate student award: Ed Maginn (link: .ppt, 32 KB)

E. Financial report: Joe Golab(link: .ppt, 69 KB)

F. New initiatives - early career award: Randy Snurr (link: .ppt, 61 KB and link: .doc, 26 KB)

II. Additional Discussion

A. Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Challenge: Jonathan Moore

B. 17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties: Ilja Siepmann (link: .ppt, KB)

C. FOMMS 2009: Sharon Glotzer

D. Solicit sessions for 2010 sessions: Kristen Fichthorn
Please contact Kristen with any and all ideas --