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Meeting Minutes for November 2009

The Area 1a/ CoMSEF General Meeting was held on Wednesday Nov 11, 2009 starting at 18.15 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

The Chair's slides: link (.ppt)

Approximately 60 people were at the meeting, and an attendance sheet was passed around that most people signed.

Clare McCabe (Chair) announced the election results that Ilja Siepmann and Coray Colina are the new Liaison Directors replacing outgoing Ed Maginn and Brian Peterson.

Joe Golab presented a summary of the CoMSEF finances for 2008 and 2009.  Members were reminded that their dues are very important to CoMSEF and fund the Graduate Student and Early Career awards. Undergraduate students can be come members of CoMSEF for free, and members are encouraged to make any undergrads working in their labs aware of CoMSEF (with the goal of interesting them in continuing as members upon graduation and going on to graduate school or

Clare McCabe announced the CoMSEF early Career Award winner Ed Maginn.

Ed Maginn announced the CoMSEF graduate student award winners, Dimitrios Argyris (The University of Oklahoma) and Gloria A. E. Oxford (Northwestern University). For financial reasons, it was decided at the executive breakfast meeting to allow $400 per graduate student award in 2009 and $300 per graduate student award in 2010. The Early Career award remains at $500 plus a plaque.

Ilja Siepmann announced the details of the 17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties. Sharon Glotzer discussed a summary of the FOMMS 2009 conference. Ed Maginn announced the FOMMS 2012 conference and asked for sponsorship from CoMSEF as well as Area 1a. The motion passed.

Kristen Fichthorn presented the CoMSEF sessions at the 2009 meeting and solicited session ideas and chairs for the 2010 annual meeting.