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Graduate Student Awards in Computational Molecular Science and Engineering

AIChE's Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum (CoMSEF) graduate student awards recognize excellence in research by graduate students. The intent of the awards is to reward significant contributions to research in computational molecular science and engineering by students. The award consists of a certificate and an honorarium.

Nominations should consist of the AIChE Division or Forum Award Nomination Form, a nominating letter from the student's research advisor, and the curriculum vitae of the nominee. These should be sent by the advisor via e-mail in pdf format to the CoMSEF Vice-Chair ( by October 1.

In addition, nominees must present a poster at the CoMSEF Poster session at the AIChE annual meeting, for which the nominee should submit an abstract before the AIChE programming deadline (usually in April every year).  The nominee must be a graduate student at the time of the poster presentation, and the faculty nominator must be a member of CoMSEF.  The winners will be selected by a committee composed of CoMSEF officers based on the student's CV, the nomination letter from the advisor (who must be a member of CoMSEF), and the quality of the poster presentation.

Previous Winners:

  • 2022Aditya Nandy (MIT, Advisor: Heather Kulik) and Mike Jones (U. Chicago, Advisor: Andy Ferguson)
  • 2021 - Michael Cowan (University of Pittsburgh, Advisor: Giannis Mpourmpakis) and Chenru Duan (MIT, Advisor: Heather Kulik)
  • 2020 - Sarah Alamdari (Washington, Advisor: Jim Pfaendtner) and Ryther Anderson (Colorado School of Mines, Advisor: Diego Gomez-Gualdron). Honorable Mentions: Andrew S. Rosen (Northwestern, Advisor: Randall Q. Snurr) and Karun Kumar Rao (Houston, Advisor: Lars Grabow)
  • 2019Yasemin Basdogan (Pittsburgh, Advisor: John Keith) and Kaihang Shi (North Carolina St., Advisors: Erik Santiso and Keith Gubbins)
  • 2018Arushi Prakash (PNNL/Washington, Advisors: Chris Mundy and Jim Pfaendtner) and Michael Taylor (Pittsburgh, Advisor: Giannis Mpourmpakis) 
  • 2017Jacob Monroe (California-Santa Barbara, Advisor: M. Scott Shell) and Prateek Mehta (Notre Dame, Advisor: Bill Schneider)
  • 2016Gül Zerze (Lehigh U., Advisor: Jeetain Mittal) and Kayla Sprenger (U. Washington, Advisor: Jim Pfaendtner)
  • 2015Adhiram Muralidhar (U. Minnesota, Advisor: Kevin Dorfman) and Christopher Paolucci (U. Notre Dame, Advisor: William Schneider)
  • 2014 - Heather Mayes (Northwestern, Advisor: Linda Broadbelt) and Yamil Colón (Northwestern, Advisor: Randall Snurr)
  • 2013 - Peng Bai (U. Minnesota, Advisor: J. Ilja Siepmann) and Robert Elder (U. Colorado, Advisor: Arthi Jayaraman)
  • 2012 - Andrew White (University of Washington, Advisor: Shaoyi Jiang) and Christopher Wilmer (Northwestern University, Advisor: Randy Snurr)
  • 2011 - Andrew Paluch (University of Notre Dame, Advisor: Ed Maginn) and Lauren Abbott (Penn State University, Advisor: Coray Colina)
  • 2010 - Diwakar Shukla (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Advisor: Bernhardt Trout) and Sumeet C. Pandey (University of Massachusetts Amherst, Advisor: Dimitrios Maroudas)
  • 2009 - Dimitrios Argyris (The University of Oklahoma, Advisor: Alberto Striolo) and Gloria A. E. Oxford (Northwestern University, Advisors: Randall Snurr and Linda Broadbelt)
  • 2008 - Rachel Getman (University of Notre Dame, Advisor: Bill Schneider) and Jeremy Purvis (University of Pennsylvania, Advisor: Scott Diamond)
  • 2007 - Chethan Acharya (University of Alabama, Advisor: C. Heath Turner) and Harish Vashisth (Drexel University, Advisor: Cameron Abrams)
  • 2006 - Megha Surve (University of Texas, Austin, Advisor: Venkat Ganesan) and Eric Santiso (North Carolina State University, Advisor: Keith Gubbins)
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